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About Opportunity NJ

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OpportunityNJ (ONJ) is a non-partisan, grassroots coalition comprised of New Jersey interests representing employers, employees, business, trade groups, community organizations and other concerned citizens in the State.

With no direct ties to political parties or government, ONJ serves as an independent voice to provide data based education about New Jersey policy actions – and to support policies that encourage job growth, affordability and prosperity in New Jersey.

New Jersey has long held the distinction of being the “innovation state”. It’s been an industrial powerhouse, the home to game-changing technologies and lifesaving pharmaceuticals – driving significant growth in jobs and the economy. And, in the process, local citizens and communities have realized one of the highest standards of living in the nation.

Yet, somewhere along the way, the knowledge and understanding of what created a strong New Jersey has been lost. Burdensome taxes and regulations have driven businesses, jobs and our own citizens – those who helped build this State – away. In fact, today:

  • New Jersey ranks dead last in national rankings on the impacts of our four most significant taxes: property, income, sales and corporate business tax.
  • Outmigration of New Jersey residents has had a significant impact on the state’s economy. High taxes and numerous barriers for business operations are causing people to leave the state which has led to the loss of income, economic activity and job creation.
  • Now that the funding  mechanism for the transportation trust fund has been resolved, the focus needs to shift to infrastructure improvements that promote economic growth and quality of life.
  • Confront the challenges facing our aging energy and water infrastructure.

That’s why Opportunity NJ has been formed – to rebuild and maintain an environment that encourages and supports job creation, business opportunity and an affordable New Jersey for all residents.