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The following presentations and study were key ingredients to the breakout sessions at the Affordability Summit on September 18. As a result of the breakout sessions, Opportunity New Jersey leadership crafted an Affordability Agenda.

Taxes, Pensions and Affordability (Power Point Download)
By Tom Byrne
Managing Partner, Byrne Asset Management llc

2017 New Jersey: A Status Report (Power Point Download)
By Jim Hughes Ph.D.
Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy

Reseeding growth in the Garden State
By Tyler Duvall, Mike Kerlin, Paula Ramos, Zachary Surak, and Steve Van Kuiken

The Affordability Agenda was crafted with input from attendees at the September 18 Affordability Summit. This Agenda was pulled from a larger document that will also serve as an overarching solutions document. Even though the Summit has concluded, we are still accepting suggestions, edits and additions to this draft document. Please click here to be part of the solution.

Based on the data and input presented at the Summit, Opportunity NJ is outlining four major initiatives in its white paper for which a state strategic plan should be devised.